Transporting Children With Special Health Needs



In September, both Abbie and I attended a seminar at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey for the transportation of children with special health care needs, while this is not a certification, we are listed as having completed the two day course.

Our instructor, Jackie Stackhouse Leach, was a wealth of information and lead the class in hands on, practical approaches to learning about illnesses, conditions and transportation needs of a more fragile population of children.  The class covered some of the most common health needs like premature infants, apnea, g-tubes casts, children on the Autistic spectrum, cerebral palsy, scoliosis, spina bifida and some other less common ailments such as Pierre Robin sequence, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Achondroplasia and children with non-permanent health care needs like casts, trachs, feeding tubes and the necessity of other medical equipment while traveling.

With both Super Car Seat Geeks being in a private setting, it is unlikely that we will encounter some of the more challenging cases of transporting children, but all aspects of the class did translate to helping families with transporting children whether with special health care needs or behavioral needs.  We learned about a variety of traditional and medical seats that would be able to assist in transporting children and learned tips and tricks for behavioral issues in transporting your mini escape artists!

If your child has a medical condition, upcoming surgery or other unique challenges – contact us at Super Car Seat Geek so that we can assist you in your child passenger needs.



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