Child Safety Seat Shopping Services In-Person Concierge Service ($40) Did you know that approximately 80% of kids are in the wrong child safety seat?!  There are so many factors to consider when selecting a safety seat for your child that it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.  Let Super Car Seat Geek help take theContinue reading “Services”


Q: When and where do you offer seat checks? A: All of my seat checks are set up privately, by appointment.  Not only does this allow for us to meet at mutually convenient times and locations, but it allows for me to have ample time with my clients to ensure that they leave the appointment feelingContinue reading “FAQ”

Transporting Children With Special Health Needs

  In September, both Abbie and I attended a seminar at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey for the transportation of children with special health care needs, while this is not a certification, we are listed as having completed the two day course. Our instructor, Jackie Stackhouse Leach, was a wealth of information and leadContinue reading “Transporting Children With Special Health Needs”

NHTSA Child Passenger Safety Technical Conference June 24 – 26, 2014

Abbie and Erica attended a technical safety conference hosted by NHTSA and the regional advocates and representatives from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico as well as many of the major car seat manufacturers.The conference was host to many classes and hands on training for those in the child passenger safety fields. ToContinue reading “NHTSA Child Passenger Safety Technical Conference June 24 – 26, 2014”