Precious Cargo: a Guest Post by Lehigh Valley Find & Go Seek 12/27/13

Precious Cargo

What could be more important than ensuring that your children are as safe as possible when driving around town?

I have followed Super Car Sear Geek on Facebook for a while watching for tips, deals on car seats and interesting facts about car seat safety.  It became clear very quickly that Abbie (aka Super Car Sear Geek) knows her stuff and is truly passionate about what she does. Her Lehigh Valley Car Seat service offers FREE car seat checks to parents and caregivers in the region and has invaluable advice for families through her courses, checks and other available services. Recently partnering up with fellow CPST Erica McCabe the service has now expanded to provide car seat checks in the Pocono region also!

Personally, I thought I knew everything I needed to know (I bet you do too).  Abbie can teach even a seasoned parent some new tricks for keeping safe while driving ( I promise!).  Attending a class and scheduling a car seat check probably are not high on your to do list, they weren’t high on mine either.  Keep reading and see why you might want to re-evaluate that to-do list, it will be worth your while!  I cannot say enough how much this class and car seat check boosted my confidence in my ability to secure my children in our vehicles.  It say sound “geeky” but the first time I drove with them in the back seat I thought to my self “I KNOW they are as safe as they can be” and I actually felt better and safer while driving them around.

Car Seat Class

I recently attended her “Crash Course: Car Seat Safety for Caregivers” at The Growing Place ( in Emmaus. Abbie presented her course in an interactive, engaging way, by asking questions quizzing us on our past knowledge and by letting us be the inspectors of the seats shown above.  She used videos that showed the severe impact that children endure during crashes.  These videos showed in real time how improperly restrained children sustain impact during a crash.

One of the most important items discussed which is extremely relevant during the cold winter months, is the fact that children are NOT to wear bulky winter coats while restrained in a car seat or boosters!  Abbie had creative suggestions for how to keep kids warm and safe during the chilly winter months.  This class is highly recommended to parents-to-be, current parents, child care providers, and grandparents and would make a great gift!

The Growing Place

  I attended my course at The Growing Place ( in Emmaus. This local business offers a variety of services to parents, parents-to-be and caregivers.  Pre-natal massage, breastfeeding classes, birthing classes, doula services, car seat safety, baby sign language and more! This unique center hosts a variety of services that support families and mothers/mothers to be.  They also host a free mom’s group for mothers and their children the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Their home-like setting is comfortable and welcoming and is tucked just off of Main St. in Emmaus making it quite convenient. Stop in to see their location and meet their friendly staff or drop in to their mom’s group and meet some new friends and playmates.

 Checking the Seats

Abbie and I met to check our current seats for proper installation and fit.  Her evaluation was so thorough, I was very impressed. She checked each child’s weight and height and evaluated how they were sitting in their current seats.  She determined our older child was near to growing out of her seat, which hadn’t occurred to me yet!  There are factors that go into determining a fit that Abbie knew and I did not. Her check was much more comprehensive than the check we received from the local police station and The Personalized Quick Reference Guide seat she left us with is a great reference tool to follow along with and monitor for when our children are ready for another switch.

Car Seat Concierge

When purchasing car seats for our children the first 2 times we focused mainly on price, height and weight, looking for something that seemed to last a while and would meet our child’s needs.  If you ever been to the car seat section at Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us, you understand the veritable jungle that one encounters when shopping for a car seat, its a nightmare, how could you possibly pick the perfect seat at the best price to last a long as possible?!?! Abbie helps with this too, her car seat concierge service evaluates every variable that goes in to picking a seat and guides you to choose the best seat for your budget, child and car.

  • vehicle make/model
  • multiple vehicle usage
  • child’s height/weight/age
  • rear facing or forward facing variables
  • price point/affordability

Her extensive experience with different seats, vehicles models and safety regulations will guide you in your purchase.  This service was AMAZING! She guided us in our purchase, helped find a great deal on the seat we needed after noticing that we were about to outgrow the current seat being used. She evaluated our needs for a seat and  made recommendations based our our children’s specific needs.  I would never have been able to navigate the 1,000’s of available seats with such ease had it not been for Abbie’s advice. Our daughter was so excited by her new seat when it arrived, we regretted not wrapping it up for Christmas!

I highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a new seat for their child, it is 100% worth the cost, especially in that Abbie certainly knows where to find a great deal on seats, so your cost could easily be cancelled out by the savings you get on a great deal.


Interested in scheduling a free car set check? You can contact Abbie by phone or e-mail or through her facebook page. Like her page on facebook to follow along for great tips and tricks!

Abbie Patterson 
(484) 544-3664

Want to find a class to attend?  Keep an eye on

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Cozywoggle Jacket Review 11/1/2013

It’s November and it’s officially getting cold in many parts of our country!  If you’re like most parents, you’ve been starting to look around for a nice, thick winter jacket to keep your child toasty warm during the cold winter months ahead.


But did you know that most winter jackets are extremely dangerous to wear in the car?  If you’ve ever seen the infomercials for those space-saving bags, you can easily visualize what happens to a traditional winter jacket when force is applied to it – it compresses.  This leads to dangerous slack in their harness or seat belt during a crash, which could lead to injury or even ejection from their seat and/or from the the vehicle itself!


So what’s a parent to do?  Well, there are several safe options:

  • A single-layer, form fitting, waist-length fleece jacket is safe to wear in the car since it’s already pre-compressed.  A second, more traditional jacket can be purchased for your child to wear when playing in the snow.
  • You could remove your child’s thick winter jacket and put it on them backwards after strapping them in, but this can be time consuming and frustrating –  let’s face it, when it’s freezing outside, we all want to get things done as quickly as we can!
  • A Car Seat Poncho is a safe & popular product for parents with small children, but since ponchos are open on the sides, it’s not very conducive to playing in the snow and can be a bit drafty on some of those blustery winter days.

Recently, I came across a new product called the Cozy Woggle jacket and it really caught my eye!  It looked like it might be a great solution for a lot of families so I was thrilled to get my hands on one a few days ago.


Image The back of the jacket simply "flops" over the top of the car seat and the front of the jacket keeps your child nice & warm.
The back of the jacket simply “flops” over the top of the car seat and the front of the jacket keeps your child nice & warm.

The Cozy Woggle looks just like a traditional winter jacket, BUT the sides of it actually *unzip* to make it car seat friendly!  Your child will just walk out to the car with the jacket intact and climb into their seat.  You’ll unzip the sides of the jacket and they’ll simply pull their arms out of the elastic wrist bands.  The back of the jacket easily flips up and over the back of their car seat.  All you’ll do at that point, is reach under the front of the jacket and buckle your child into their seat.  The front of the jacket will cover your child’s torso & lap to keep them nice and toasty.  If they get too warm during the car ride, it can easily & quickly be removed and set aside until you reach your destination.  Once you arrive, the child simply puts his or her arms back through the wrist cuffs.  You quickly zip each side back down & you’re off!

Cozywoggle front view
Should your child get too warm, the jacket is easily removed since there’s nothing between the child and harness.


(You can view one of their videos here: )


The jacket is constructed from a heavy duty wind/water resistant polyester shell, a cushy polyester fiber-filled body & a soft fleece lining.   The hood is removable to reduce possible bulk and/or for those who prefer to wear a hat.  Since I just got the jacket last week, I cannot attest to its long-term durability.  I don’t know that I’d expect it to be on par with something from L.L. Bean, but I have no immediate concerns at all.


The Cozy Woggle comes in a selection of popular colors, including navy blue, red, dark purple and pink.  It comes in a nice variety of sizes too (12 mos to size 6)!  I was especially thrilled to see it offered in some bigger sizes (note: the sizes 5 & 6 do not have the penguins embroidered on them.  Instead, the company name appears).


Even though my 6-year-old son wears a size 5 top, I requested his jacket in a size 6 to leave room for extra layers (for playing in the snow) since I was unsure how the sizing ran.  The jacket is definitely big on him, but that did not seem to be a hindrance in the car seats that he tried the jacket out in (a Britax Marathon70 and a Britax Frontier; both forward-facing).  He said that the jacket is warm, soft and comfortable and wasn’t at all bothered by it in the car seats.

cozywoggle under-view
My favorite thing about the coat!–Absolutely nothing between the child and the harness!

The Cozy Woggle currently retails for $74.99 (plus S&H) but they have very generously offered a discount especially for Super Car Seat Geek fans THROUGH THE END OF NOVEMBER 2013!  Simply use the promotion code “CARSEATGEEK” when ordering at and you’ll instantly save $15!


As a mother & Child Passenger Safety Technician, safety in the car is paramount.  I understand how dangerous a winter jacket can be when worn in the car.  I feel confident in the safety of this product and I feel comfortable recommending the Cozy Woggle to other parents as one more convenient & effective way of keeping their child(ren) safe & warm in the car!