Kids Need a Boost!–For Longer than You Might Realize

Many caregivers and children alike–at one point or another–start to long for the days of being able to go on car rides without needing additional, non-standard safety equipment.–Specifically, car seats or booster seats. While these critically important safety devices have evolved significantly over the years–many even have features which would practically rival the most comfortableContinue reading “Kids Need a Boost!–For Longer than You Might Realize”

Air Bags aren’t for Kids

Remember–airbags are designed for adults, not kids. A child sitting in front of an airbag can be seriously hurt or killed (and air bag sensors are *not* reliable!). Kids need to stay in the back seat until they’re at least 13 years old. (And of course, a rear facing seat should never go in frontContinue reading “Air Bags aren’t for Kids”

Precious Cargo: a Guest Post by Lehigh Valley Find & Go Seek 12/27/13

Precious Cargo What could be more important than ensuring that your children are as safe as possible when driving around town? I have followed Super Car Sear Geek on Facebook for a while watching for tips, deals on car seats and interesting facts about car seat safety.  It became clear very quickly that Abbie (akaContinue reading “Precious Cargo: a Guest Post by Lehigh Valley Find & Go Seek 12/27/13”