Child Safety Seat Shopping Services In-Person Concierge Service ($40) Did you know that approximately 80% of kids are in the wrong child safety seat?!  There are so many factors to consider when selecting a safety seat for your child that it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.  Let Super Car Seat Geek help take theContinue reading “Services”

Ride Safer Travel Vest: A Versatile Travel Buddy

Let’s face it: traveling with kids can be quite challenging at times; and not just from the whining and “Are-we-there-yets”.  There’s a lot of stuff to haul around too!  In addition to bringing all of your clothes, toiletries and bribes items for entertainment or distraction, you also need to bring their car seat or booster.  Since the averageContinue reading “Ride Safer Travel Vest: A Versatile Travel Buddy”