Accidental Unbuckling?

Sometimes there are situations where it’s easy for a car seat to accidentally become unbuckled. This is especially true in tight 3-across configurations when a booster/seat belt passenger sits adjacent to the harnessed seat. One low-risk, inexpensive way to prevent this from happening is to use a silicone cupcake liner (or a paper cup) to cover the buckle release button.


Child Safety Seat Shopping Services

In-Person Concierge Service ($40)

Did you know that approximately 80% of kids are in the wrong child safety seat?!  There are so many factors to consider when selecting a safety seat for your child that it can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.  Let Super Car Seat Geek help take the confusion and uncertainty out of the process with our exclusive Concierge Services.

Whether you choose from the In-Person or Virtual Concierge Service, Super Car Seat Geek will help you select the best seat for your child, vehicle, and budget!

During this private shopping appointment we’ll discuss which seats would be best options for your particular child, vehicle and budget. We’ll thoroughly discuss the pros, cons, quirks, etc of each seat so that you can make an informed decision, and feel confident that you’ve spent your hard-earned money wisely. 

Looking for a particular seat which is not available to try out locally?  I now offer the option to try out select seats for a nominal upcharge with my ala carte options, available upon request:

Rear Facing Only (Infant Carrier) Seatsala carte fee
Chicco KeyFit30$10
Nuna Pipa$20
Cybex Aton$20

Convertible Car Seatsala carte fee
Clek Fllo$25
Clek Foonf$25
Clek Infant Thingy (insert for Foonf or Fllo)$5
Combi Coccoro$15
Cosco Scenera NEXT$5
Diono Radian RXT$15
Evenflo SureRide$10

Combination Seats (Forward Facing Only)ala carte fee
Britax Frontier ClickTight (retired; Similar to Grow With You ClickTight)$20
Cosco Finale$5
WayB Pico $10

Booster Seatsala carte fee
Clek Oobr (high back)$15
Evenflo Big Kid Sport (high back)$10
Nuna Aace (high back)$20
Ride Safer Travel Vest (wearable seat belt positioning vest)$5
BubbleBum (backless)$5
Clek Olli (backless)$10
Graco RightGuide (backless big-kid seat belt trainer)$5
Graco TurboGo (backless)$5
Safety 1st Incognito (seat belt trainer; discontinued)$5

Narrow Child Safety Seatsala carte fee
BubbleBum (infaltable backless booster)$5
Clek Fllo (convertible seat)$25
Clek Foonf (convertible seat)$25
Combi Coccoro (convertible seat)$15
Cosco Scenera NEXT (convertible seat)$5
Diono Radian RXT (convertible seat)$15
Cosco Finale (combination seat)$5
Graco RightGuide (backless big-kid seat belt trainer)$5
Ride Safer Travel Vest (wearable seat belt positioning vest)$5
WayB Pico (forward facing only harness)$15
Safety 1st Incognito (backless seat belt trainer; discontinued)$5

Virtual Concierge Service ($30)

Unable to meet up in-person?  No problem!  The Virtual Concierge Service allows us to “meet” over the phone and/or online! We’ll still discuss the seats which would work best for your particular scenario, discuss their pros/cons, etc.  I will send you links to each seat while we’re talking about it so that you have a visual reference to follow along with.  When you decide which option is the right one for you, simply click on that link again and place your order!

Private Car Seat Installation Check

Infant Seat/Convertible or Combination Seat/Booster Seat

  • Did you know that 3 out of 4 car seats or boosters are NOT being used correctly, despite the fact that roughly 90% of caregivers think that they are using them correctly?
  • Did you know that car crashes are still a leading cause of injury & death to children in the US, but a correctly-installed, correctly-used child safety restraint will vastly reduce their risk for injuries, and increase their chances for survival?  
Your private seat check service with Super Car Seat Geek will give you confidence and peace of mind about your child’s safety.

Your car seat check with Super Car Seat Geek will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time and location.  Because our appointment will be private rather than at a clinic setting, we aren’t rushed for time.  Instead, we have ample time to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with the proper use and installation of your child’s seat. 

You’ll learn:
  • How to properly install your child’s safety seat
  • How and when to make adjustments to their safety seat
  • How to properly secure your child in their safety seat
  • How to recognize when it’s time for the “next step”
  • Pro-Tips & tricks to ensure that your entire family is safe in the car

*Please Note: if I am traveling out of the area, I may charge a flat, minimum rate which is based on mileage.
**I will always offer complimentary seat checks to families in need. Simply message me to arrange one.

Be sure to ask about available a la carte options as well!

For your convenience, you can quickly & easily send payment for services via Venmo

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Ride Safer Travel Vest: A Versatile Travel Buddy

Let’s face it: traveling with kids can be quite challenging at times; and not just from the whining and “Are-we-there-yets”.  There’s a lot of stuff to haul around too!  In addition to bringing all of your clothes, toiletries and bribes items for entertainment or distraction, you also need to bring their car seat or booster.  Since the average child needs a booster until they’re between 10 and 12 years of age, we parents have a lot of things to lug around for a long time!  But there is an option that can make traveling with a slightly older child much easier!–The Ride Safer Travel Vest (RSTV).

4 is 7.5 yrs old, 50 pounds and 48
“4” gives the RSTV a thumbs up! He is 7.5 yrs old, 50 pounds and 48″ tall and is wearing a Large RSTV2.

Instead of carting around a large, heavy car seat or high back booster, you can use the RSTV to keep your forward-facing child safe while in the car (and soon, while on a plane too)!  This innovative product, as the name implies, is a specially designed vest that the child wears in the car in place of a car seat or booster.  Not only does it help to position the seat belt correctly, it also distributes the energy from a crash over large areas of the child’s body should you be involved in a collision.  For added stability and protection, there’s also the option of using their specially designed tether strap (mounted to a designated tether anchor).

G is 6.5 yrs old, 34 pounds and 44
“G” is 6.5 yrs old, 37 pounds and 44″ tall.
He’s wearing a size Small RSTV2

With the tether in place, G is unable to move out of the correct position.
With the tether in place, “G” is unable to move out of the correct position.

There are currently two versions of RSTV available.  We reviewed Version 2 (which, we believe, is the more versatile version offered at this time).  It currently comes in either blue or pink (but as of tomorrow, they’ll be available in several more colors in a new air mesh-covered fabric) and in 2 sizes: small and large.  Each size is adjustable with a large, velcro strap which is attached to the vest’s buckle that you see on the front of the vest.  The optional (but very useful) crotch strap can also help significantly with fit.  We installed our RSTV2 in a 2012 Honda Odyssey. It is important to note that when selecting a size, not only does one need to keep in mind their child’s weight, but also their seated height.  The height for the RSTV is calculated differently than “seated height” would be calculated for a traditional child safety seat.  Have the child sit on the floor, leaning up against the wall, but instead of measuring from the floor to their shoulder top, measure from the top of their thigh to the top of their shoulder. Once the correct size is determined, you’ll need to choose the version that is best for you.

As mentioned above, we like that the RSTV2 provides an optional tether.  Crash test analysis has proven that the use of a tether in a traditional forward-facing car seat can limit head excursion (the amount that the head moves in a crash) by as much as 6 inches.  The RSTV2’s tether also helps to distribute crash energy over yet another area so that the energy is focused away from the child.  We also love that RSTV2 can be used with a lap & shoulder belt OR a lap-only belt (as long as a tether anchor is available in that position).  If you have an older vehicle with a lap-only belt and no tether anchor, contact your dealership or Safety Belt Safe USA to inquire about a retrofit kit:    (If a retrofitted anchor point is not an option, contact Safe Ride 4 Kids for other possible alternatives).  This version also offers an optional head/neck support for added comfort should the child desire.

Installation is quick and simple!  Just have your child put the RSTV on, buckle them in (routing the belt through the guides), attach the tether and you're ready to go!
Installation is quick and simple! Just have your child put on the RSTV, buckle them in, route the belt through the metal guides (on the lap & shoulder), attach the tether (if applicable) and you’re ready to go!

Just chillin' in the RSTV....
Just chillin’ in the RSTV2….

The RSTV is a fantastic option for several situations including:

  • Travel
  • Taxi rides
  • Spare seat
  • Tight 3-across configurations
  • Bus rides (when a seat belt is available)
  • Carpooling

It’s lightweight and very compact.  It comes with its own travel bag and can easily fit into a backpack or carry-on bag.  Since there’s no rigid sides, it can even be rolled up to help save space! The RSTV is approved for children as young as 3-years-old & 30 pounds, but we wouldn’t necessarily recommend that it be used for a child so young.  We would recommend that if the RSTV will be used for a child under 5 that there be an adult seated in the back with them.  This is to ensure that they remain correctly positioned (sitting upright for the duration of the trip without slouching, leaning over or to the side, slumping down, etc…) and that they don’t play with the seat belt or do anything else that would compromise their safety in the event of a crash.  We are slightly less hesitant about a younger child using it on occasion (assuming that it fits them correctly and provides a safe belt fit) when the tether can be utilized since it does often help to limit the possibility of the child falling out of position.  It is most ideal for a slightly older, more mature child.  The Large RSTV will fit a child up to 80 pounds.

Proper fit of the seat belt thanks to the RSTV!
Proper fit of the seat belt thanks to the RSTV!  The lap belt is across G’s lap, not his belly and the shoulder belt is centered on his shoulder.

M is 10.5 yrs old, 54 pounds and 51
“M” is 10.5 yrs old, 59 pounds and 53″ tall. She is wearing a Large RSTV, which is providing excellent belt fit.

Some interesting things to know:

  • The RSTV, like most child safety seats, will likely need replacing after a crash.  (Contact Safe Ride 4 Kids or Safe Traffic System, Inc for crash-specific information)
  • The RSTV can be recycled (contact Safe Traffic System, Inc for information)
  • The RSTV2 is FMVSS 213 Certified
  • They are approved for use with inflatable seat belts (with available replacement clips)
  • They have a 10 year use life
  • They can not currently be used in conjunction with a booster seat, (however, they are developing a compatible booster seat, which will remain optional.  It’s expected to be released later this year.)
  • Safe Ride 4 Kids offers a low-price guarantee
  • Safe Ride 4 Kids offers a Trade-Up program for when your child outgrows their size Small RSTV

If you’d like more information on the Ride Safer Travel Vest, be sure to check out or  In addition to more information, they also have links to some great videos!  You can purchase one right here.
*Safe Ride 4 Kids provided us with a Ride Safer Travel Vest to for the purpose of writing a review.  That was our only compensation.