Tricks of the Trade: How to get a Tight Car Seat Installation with Ease

Many caregivers feel as though they’re physically unable install a car seat correctly, despite not necessarily having any physical limitations. 
Installing a car seat can feel intimidating and overwhelming.  However, contrary to popular belief, getting the car seat installed correctly has very little to do with brute strength, and almost everything to do with leverage.  While every car seat and vehicle are different, and have their own subtle nuances, I’m going to share some of my favorite tricks which works well for most configurations. 

Bundle Up, Baby! A Guide to Safely Layering Up in the Car

Wintertime, for many of us means bitterly cold temperatures and biting winds, but did you know that bundling up under a car seat harness or seat belt can be dangerous?
That doesn’t mean that you or your child will have to suffer through frigid temperatures.  There are many safe ways to stay warm safely while in the car.

Harness Heights: Finding the Right Fit

Kids sure have a way of sprouting up overnight at times, don’t they?  Sometimes it can happen so quickly that we don’t even realize how much they’ve grown until we happen to catch a glimpse of them a certain way.  Just like clothing sizes need to be adjusted as a child grows, a child’s carContinue reading “Harness Heights: Finding the Right Fit

Tips and Tricks from a BIG-Little Happy Traveler!

For a child under 40lbs and/or a child who is not mature enough to stay correctly seated with the airplane lap belt – the only option at this time is a FAA approved child safety seat (i.e. car seat). Even after a child meets the minimum weight and maturity requirements to be safely restrained by the airplane lap belt, it is prudent to utilize their FAA approved car seat in-flight to eliminate the risk of damage from checking, misrouting, or a total loss of the car seat!